Reviews & Recommendations

Honestly, this is probably the best tool we have to help you and ourselves grow to that point when we will realize we actually know nothing.

In order to learn, people sometimes look through other eyes, through the eyes of someone else, through a new form of experience, so strange to them. We want to make your journey through our glasses a little bit easier by writing down reviews for our favorite booksmovies and fine pieces of music, as well as creating a list of recommendations for you.

Heavy and faithful
Reaching, teaching and changing
They shape our minds


You can find here our feelings towards the following books, ordered alphabetically by author`s last name:
Colin, Vladimir – A zecea lume
Dostoievski, Fyodor – Oameni sărmani (Poor Folk)
Gogol, Nikolai – Mantaua (The Overcoat)
Golding, William – Împaratul muștelor (Lord of the Flies)
Sienkiewicz, Henryk – Fără Ideal (Withoug Dogma)

„Fără Ideal” de – Recenzie și viziune interpretativă