If you hear men talking about “bras” and “cats”, then they are physicists.

The other day I updated the Language section of my CV, stating that I have “working knowledge” in Mathematical Physics. Most people are afraid of Mathematics because it introduces a lot of new objects (or concepts) and different ways to use them. And that`s just like a language, with word and grammar. If you hear another language and you`re immediately asked to talk it, then it`s normal to be at least reluctant.


Diverging dreams: How Romania disheartened me

Proud to be a Romanian student in Germany, I am following my dream of discovering Physics, but I gave up on another dream: doing it back home. Why does the latter have to be a dream, though? You`ll find here not the straightforward face of corruption, but its repercussions on what I still want to call home one day, and what happened on January 31st poisoned me. I have no cure, only this writing as a treatment.