About us

Something is odd in the Future. Do you feel the same?

We, the Moral Lever Team, wish you the best possible experience on our site and through our ideas. But first for one to fully understand our works, must first understand our origins.

We all began to discover friendship in each other in the early grades of Highschool. It is said that the missing pieces from us often come under the form of friends. And friends are really rare. We each have our own story and a common chapter.

Daniel Prelipcean is a past human calculator, a current daydreamer, and a future theoretical physicist. He studies physics at the Jacobs University in Bremen. Doing high school physics and math involved a lot of number crunching, to the point that students fell into despair. Luckily, his resistance to this “drug” enabled him to survive, but not unaffected: he became addicted. Doing his degree in Physics, he can now see the utility of those past days in doing computations, but they thought them so little from the philosophy and beauty of science. Nevertheless, it’s staggering magnitude astonishes him more than ever and, hopefully, his resistance has not worn out over time.

George Andronic is looking for beauty through people, literature, medicine, music, history, and sports. He is a current medicine student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” Iași. He is not looking to stop his search and hopes that the stimuli that determine a rise in its serotonin and dopamine will become more diverse and will multiply.

Ștefan Mocrei is the O in the H2O. He’s the air of fun and the nest of ideas. He is also a medicine student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest. He has a passion for literature, likes writing poems, enjoys discovering music, and sometimes even sings it. Ștefan admires the idea of a system, of any kind, and he feels at home in the centre of terms that, at first glance, have no link between them whatsoever, waiting for solving.

Cosmin-Teodor Cotos finds his place in the realm of literature, music, oratory and law. He is the man that looks to recover a cultural loss of over 7 years of some-to-non-existent-reading that slapped his face with the force of three hundred trains from Wonderland. He discovered literature through love and he is, no doubt, looking to improve his knowledge with each chapter he reads, knowledge that is an absolute must for a jurist. In the pursuit of helping others, he fights for student rights and works every day in order to help students solve their problems.

We are sure that our writings will reflect our personalities, and you will be able to see through our eyes clearer, now that you know some basics regarding our lives. You will find more, nonetheless, by reading our works, opinions, and recommendations. Nevertheless, you will soon find out that our souls transcend language, as we have posts in both English and Romanian.