A Day to Be Remembered

Today, the 17th of December, we, the Moral Lever Team, celebrate the birthday of one of our own.

Daniel Prelipcean is not only our friend, but a man with whom we’ll alway14379716_1186274054762871_1767052478357744420_os want to share our life goals, our thoughts and our achievements, himself being a very productive and working lad.

We remember his passion for science, his way of seeing the world, his closed and open doors, his experiences which made him the man he is today.

We remember the fact that without him, this blog wouldn’t even exist today. We remember that his power of will brought us together, despite he is learning in another country, and for that, we thank him.

We realise that at this very moment, something is just waiting to be discovered by Daniel’s intellect and curiosity.

Facing this day, we wish him, with our most caring thoughts, a Happy Birthday!

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